Client transformations

"I was struggling with depression, anxiety and marital issues so I began working with Carrie. She is the first therapist I have seen that has truly understood me and made me feel comfortable and validated for everything I am going through. She has provided me with a safe environment where I do not feel judged, I can be open with my thoughts and she is always empathetic yet honest with me. She has taught me a lot about myself and has given me tools to cope with anxiety and difficult situations. I look forward to my sessions with Carrie each week as she is a constant source of support for me. I highly recommend working with Carrie-she is intelligent, professional and warm; I am very grateful to have a therapist like her at this stage in my life."
"Carrie is professional, calm, compassionate, and consistent. She was willing to challenge me in the most constructive ways to bring me outside of my typical patterns of thinking. Carrie has worked with me through anxiety, depression, cancer diagnosis and treatment, low self-confidence, body image issues, relationships, and dysfunctional family dynamics. She has been crucial in not only helping me develop tools to work through an active crisis but helping me learn to work through my day-to-day anxieties. I will be forever grateful that I started working with Carrie!"
"Carrie has been working with me for almost two years now on issues regarding disordered eating, negative self talk, and past trauma. She is professional, articulate, and patient in working through my emotions with me. While she is understanding and empathetic, she also encourages me to be a better version of myself by challenging maladaptive behaviors and thought patterns. I’ve worked with several therapists in the past, and none of them have given me the push I needed as much as Carrie has. I’m more confident, optimistic, and open to new experiences than I was two years ago as a result of weekly therapy. I’ve made incredible progress with Carrie as my therapist and I highly recommend her if you want to see noticeable, positive change within your life."

Be seen

At the Carrie Allison Therapy Group, we use empathy to build authentic connections with our clients. We do everything we can to ensure they feel understood, listened to, cared for, and most importantly, respected.