A holistic approach to emotional freedom

Carrie Allison Therapy Holistic Approach to emotial freedom
At the Carrie Allison therapy group, we use empathy to build authentic connections with our clients. We do everything we can to ensure they feel understood, listened to, cared for, and most importantly, respected.

Therapeutic Coaching

We want you to feel better. We are not here to provide you with a place to vent for 45 minutes and leave with residual feelings that you don’t know what to do with. We will guide you through a process that allows you to set goals, identify thoughts that aren’t serving you, disrupt your destructive self- sabotaging patterns, and help you create a more peaceful existence. The only goal is for you to experience emotional freedom and return to yourSELF. This doesn’t always happen in a once a week structure. We have developed a therapeutic coaching platform that allows you to take a closer look at what is getting in the way through daily check-ins, homework assignments, numerous therapeutic modalities, and skills that can be used throughout your lifetime.

We have a variety of programs that are designed for each individual. If you are finding yourself alone with your thoughts aimlessly trying to get through the day, struggling with anxiety, depression, disordered eating or anything in between, our therapeutic coaching programs will help. We are a place to help manage and place these racing thoughts and fears. Through our structured programs we can create organization and meaning to what might feel like chaos. We will help you create more clarity and a sense of purpose.
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Carrie Allison Therapy Dandelion Effect

Dandelion Effect

Is it a weed or a wish? What do you see? Our philosophy is that an issue can be the weed and through transforming our perspective, it allows you to see the actual goals or desires you have for your life, your wish. We will help you get there. This program is developed for those that want to go deeper and want more support in their process. Our sessions will provide customized, trauma-informed, holistic online support tailored to individual needs and goals.
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Learn how to mindfully respond to life stressors

Carrie Allison Therapy Dandelion Effect for teens

Dandelion Effect for teens

Does your teen seem like a different person? Are you having trouble communicating with your teen? Maybe your teen’s perspective is self-limiting and is keeping them from their best? Does your teen struggle with emotional regulation, social anxiety/engagement, unhappiness, lack of motivation, perfectionism, body image issues, or entitlement? Do you just have a gut instinct that your teen is not ok?
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Carrie Allison Therapy Dandelion Effect for teens

CBT for Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Do you obsess over your appearance? Does a particular physical form stand out more than others and seem to scream at your reflection? Do these thoughts keep you from enjoying life? Have you missed school or work because of the fear that everyone is staring at this part of you? Body Dysmorphic Disorder is prevalent and serious. We can work together. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will help to reduce and free you from the constant entrapment of Body Dysmorphic Disorder.
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Rie.Treat is a program Carrie developed for her clients to create a RIE.treat in their everyday life. In this program we will provide you with an understanding of our holistic approach to mental health through gentle nutrition, movement, and mindfulness.
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Carrie Allison Therapy RIE.Treat
Carrie Allison Therapy Schedule a Discovery Call

Schedule a Discovery Call

Often it is difficult to find the tools on our own to heal. We are blocked by destructive patterns brought on by traumatic events and simple life experiences that create automatic thoughts and beliefs.

By creating awareness of this, we guide our clients to find their own accountability and gain control of their life so that they can ultimately align with the person they would like to be. We provide a holistic approach to mental health that provides clients with tools that can tap into their mind, body, and spirit.

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"I was struggling with depression, anxiety and marital issues so I began working with Carrie. She is the first therapist I have seen that has truly understood me and made me feel comfortable and validated for everything I am going through. She has provided me with a safe environment where I do not feel judged, I can be open with my thoughts and she is always empathetic yet honest with me. She has taught me a lot about myself and has given me tools to cope with anxiety and difficult situations. I look forward to my sessions with Carrie each week as she is a constant source of support for me. I highly recommend working with Carrie-she is intelligent, professional and warm; I am very grateful to have a therapist like her at this stage in my life."
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